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TeleMatrix and Teledex brand VoIP phones have completed interoperability testing with the BroadWorks Call Control Platform.

Cetis announces that Teledex and TeleMatrix brand VOIP telephones have formally completed interoperability testing with BroadWorks. The telephones are now interoperable with the BroadWorks SIP interface.The testing covers the Cetis versions and BroadWorks release listed below. Other versions tested previously are documented in the PCG.

​Cetis Version 3.0.0-040|BroadWorks Release 22.0

  • TeleMatrix 9600IP, 9602IP, 3300IP, 3300IP-TRM, 3302IP, 3302IP-TRM
  • Teledex E100IP, E100IP-TRM, E103IP, E200IP, E200IP-TRM, E203IP, ND2100IP, ND2200IP, NDC2100IP, NDC2200IP, M100IP, M100IP-TRM, M103IP, M200IP, M200IP-TRM, M203IP​

This testing also applies to all subsequent compatible maintenance releases to Cetis Version: 3.0.0-040. Configuration details and any issues or limitations identified during the interoperability testing are documented in the BroadSoft Partner ​Configuration Guide (PCG) PartnerConfigGuide Cetis VOIP Series. The PCG is available to BroadSoft customers on the BroadSoft Xchange website at BroadSoft confirms that the device interoperates with the BroadWorks SIP interface. Click here to request product and pricing details and a quotation for Teledex and TeleMatrix brand VoIP phones by Cetis.

About Cetis

Cetis, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, and supports Teledex®, TeleMatrix® and Scitec® branded telephones, and related Cetis-branded telephony and non-telephony products. Designed for hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, and government applications, Cetis products are preferred or approved by all major hotels and leading organizations globally.

Contact: John Grubb / 217-239-6515

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